Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Flatulent dentist faces punishment for gross behaviour

Flatulent dentist faces punishment for gross behaviour

A dentist faces losing his job after he was found guilty of professional misconduct for repeatedly breaking wind and offending patients and colleagues.

 Flatulent dentist faces punishment for gross behaviour

Matthew Walton, 35, from Shropshire, is awaiting his punishment by the General Dental Council following a disciplinary ruling yesterday.

According to his co-workers at the Green End Dental Practice in Whitchurch, the 'rude' and 'inappropriate' dentist enjoyed breaking wind in front of them as they ate their lunch while employed there between August 2006 and December 2007.

However, the dentist reportedly claimed he had 'inadvertent' outbreaks of flatulence.

At a previous hearing in February, a dental nurse who worked with Mr Walton told the panel how she frequently complained to him about his bad habit. She said: "I just asked him to stop doing it. It was annoying. I didn't like the smell around the practice and it made us feel sick." The tribunal also found him guilty of other charges, including his lack of respect for the elderly, the disabled and ethnic minorities, and regularly swearing in front of patients and staff during surgery.

Walton was also found guilty of asking poorer patients to pay the money upfront and even looked in their purse or wallet if he didn't believe they had the ability to pay.

Committee chairman Valerie Paterson said: "The committee accepted that you made such enquiries in a way which was considered by them to be offensive. The committee noted your evidence that if a patient could not show an ability to pay you would send them away and ask them to return on another occasion."

On some occasions, the foul-mouthed dentist made rude gestures, like sticking two fingers up behind the backs of patients he didn't like.

However, Mr Walton apologised for this before the panel members and admitted that his behaviour was juvenile saying he felt frustrated at work.

The General Dental Council is currently considering the appropriate punishment.