Thursday, March 17, 2011

kizuna311!! Message from Ken Watanabe

kizuna311!! Message from Ken Watanabe

We wish to express our sentiments of deepest sorrow and solidarity to
the victims of Tohoku Kanto Earthquake.
Our prayers and thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by
the disaster, and we pray from our hearts that everybody will
peacefully overcome this hardship, and return to normalcy.

We are saddened to see and hear the news of the devastating earthquake
in the Tohoku and Kanto area, and we couldn't resist but ask
ourselves, "what can we do to help earthquake and tsunami victims?".


Being involved in the Entertainment industry, we concluded that we
must do what we can to the best of our ability.
In the past few days, the media has brought attention to the world of
earthquake and devastation, much foreign press has warmly applauded
our orderliness and solidarity under the catastrophic circumstances,
and has encouraged us to recuperate from the calamity.

And from reading these reports, we have come to realize that we have
great assets. We Japanese can take pride in our "Kizuna", the
solidarity that binds us.

To overcome this painful catastrophe, we must find a way to unite and
find our Kizuna among people.
We decided to create a video library showing the power and benefits
from voluntary work efforts. We wish to deliver the message of hope to
the victims and kindle a light in each one's heart.

We understand that each medium has its role. We would like to show a
different point of view from what the mass media reports everyday. Our
hope is that our message will show the uplifting efforts we Japanese
are making to come together and help one another rebuild our lives
after the earthquake and tsunami. We believe that this message
inspires the power of Kizuna among the victims of these tragedies, and
demonstrates our Kizuna to the world.

We would like to turn our attention toward the rebuilding we must now
do, and inspire the Kizuna required for us to achieve it.