Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Man faces terrorism charges after Toronto arrest

Man faces terrorism charges after Toronto arrest

Al-Shabaab fighters form an armed group of mostly young adherents in Somalia with links to al-Qaeda. Mohamed Sheikh Nor/Associated Press

A man suspected of travelling to Somalia to join what has been deemed by Canada as a terrorist group has been arrested and charged in Toronto by RCMP.

The man was arrested at Pearson International Airport without incident Tuesday evening, the RCMP said in a release.

It's alleged the man was bound for Cairo after a stop in London, England.

The man was then due to travel to Somalia "to join [the militant group] al-Shabaab and participate in their terrorist activities," RCMP allege.

He faces charges of attempting to participate in terrorist activity, and providing counsel to a person to participate in terrorist activity.

His arrest comes after a joint investigation by the RCMP's Integrated National Security Enforcement Team and the Toronto Police Service's intelligence division.

The man is in custody pending a court appearance later Wednesday.

His identity will be revealed after his charges are entered in court, RCMP said.