Monday, March 21, 2011

Wyclef Jean grazed by bullet in Haiti

Wyclef Jean grazed by bullet in Haiti

Wyclef Jean is treated at a hospital in Port-au-Prince on Sunday. The photo was taken by Jean's former Fugees bandmate Pras Michel, who is also Haitian and in the country for the presidential run-off election.

American hip-hop performer Wyclef Jean had a close encounter with gunfire in the Haitian capital this weekend, escaping with a bullet graze on a hand.

The Haitian-American singer told The Associated Press he stepped out of his car in the Delmas section of Port-au-Prince late Saturday night to make a phone call when he heard gunshots. He said he then noticed blood on his shirt and sneakers.

"I heard 'blow, blow, blow,' and I just looked at my [right] hand," said Jean, who was with a driver and Haitian hip-hop singer FanFan at the time.

The 41-year-old performer said he was treated by a doctor and is taking antibiotics. He added he didn't know who had fired or whether the shots had been aimed at him.

Jean didn't talk to police about the incident, Haitian police Chief Mario Andresol said later Sunday.

Jean is in the country for the presidential runoff vote. The musician has been in Haiti for the past few weeks campaigning for Michel (Sweet Micky) Martelly.

"Wyclef's commitment to his native country and to his people is unparalleled. He is therefore undeterred by this incident," his spokeswoman, Cindy Tanenbaum, told E! online on Sunday.

The former Fugees rapper and music producer had planned to run for the presidency himself but was left off the electoral council's list of eligible candidates last August

He did not meet the residency requirement of having lived in Haiti for five years. Jean runs his own non-profit foundation, YĆ©le Haiti, as well.

Haitians are casting ballots in the second round of the presidential election as well as selecting seven senators and 77 members of the Chamber of Deputies.

Two presidential candidates are in the running: Martelly, 50, a musician who has never held public office, and Mirlande Manigat, 70, a university administrator and former first lady.

Final results are expected in April.